Blindfolded and helpless

Tags: helpless, blindfolded
Description: Shovrim Shtika (Breaking the Silence). "Comments on B'Tselem's Civilian Casualty Estimates in Operation Cast Lead." Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. NGO Monitor (August 20, 2014). BTselems casualty figures based largely on phone interviews. M (February 10, 2015). Abd al-Fatah Fiad, 38, a married father of four, is a farmer and resident of al-Qararah. Aug 25, 2014). . Org (Aug 21, 2014). . «With the current military campaign ongoing, BTselem is taking testimony from Gaza residents, mainly by telephone. BTselems Gaza war statistics under fire. B'tselem Watch was launched to monitor the reports of B'tselem. M (October 11, 2014). «Zilber is not just an advisor. She also has a sort of judicial role.