Chick goes hardcore in order to be a model

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Description: Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. He strives to be,. But there's something wrong with his exposition. Most of the time, whatever he has to say should already be obviousboth to the viewers and to any other character with half a brain. After saying anything, another character might state "Gee, you think? or if someone's attempt at humor was disrupted, they might say. Don't Explain the Joke. In other words, Captain Obvious states the obvious. This means that his statements are self-evident. In some cases, this is justified because Captain Obvious is also. The Ditz, or so puzzled by something that he can't help but state, well, the obvious. See also, as You Know, Exactly What It Says on the Tin, Narrating the Obvious, Shaped Like Itself, Department of Redundancy Department and, captain Obvious Aesop. Not to be confused with.