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Description: Waylan has been waiting, hoping and praying to get back into Callie's life. Now that everything seems to be as it was meant to be, another obstacle has been placed in their way. His first night back from months of separation, after joining both their hearts and bodies together, the drama begins. Attempted murder just a few floors down, and the victim is none other than Jared, her husband. With Megan, Jared's girlfriend, and Detective Beck fingering Waylan as the attacker, it appears as if their love, faith, and will is going to put to the test, but can it withstand jealousy, fear, jail, kidnapping, and the decisions that will be decided which will. Don't Tell My Husband 3 is the exciting, sexually charged conclusion in the Don't Tell My Husband Series. You don't want to miss this tale of love, betrayal, revenge redemption! Paperback Editions, september 2015 : Paperback, title: Don't Tell My Husband. Author(s Sapphire, iSBN: /, publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Availability: Amazon, amazon UK, amazon CA, kindle Editions, august 2015 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition. Title: Don't Tell My Husband. Author(s Sapphire, publisher: Royalty Publishing House, availability: Amazon, amazon UK, amazon CA). While you may think the key to ultimate relationship satisfaction is being brutally honest with your partner, thats not always the case.