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Description: The sexy Khalifa, 24, was trolled by the former Hardcore champion on Twitter after her remarks about UFC fighter Ronda Rouseys move into wrestling - which she says is "embarrassing". Instagram, fans of porn legend Mia Khalifa have leaped to her defence after she was slotted by a former WWE star. PornHub's No1 most-watched actress, who is now forging a career for herself as a sports pundit, said of Rousey's upcoming switch: "This is where her career will go to die. "I have no respect for the. WWE, its not a real sport. But Helms, who became a huge fan favourite. The Hurricane, hit back with a knockout punch on Twitter as he referred to porno past. He wrote: Im not gonna get upset that a porn star doesnt respect Pro Wrestling. Shes entitled to her opinion. WWE, the Hurricane was accused of 's*t shaming' Khalifa as he hit back at her comments about wrestling.