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Description: The Best Actress Academy Awards, facts and Trivia, the Best Actress award should actually be titled "the best performance by an actress in a leading role." The same rules that govern the Best Actor category apply to the Best Actress category. The Top Best Actress Winner and Most Nominated Actress: The most honored actress of all-time is Katharine Hepburn - with a total of twelve nominations and four wins - all in the Best Actress category - stretching over a period of 48 years (from Hepburn's. Morning Glory (1932/33) to her Best Actress win for. On Golden Pond (1981) ) - a record in itself for the greatest span between Oscar wins. Hepburn is the only actress to have won the Best Actress award four times. Meryl Streep surpassed Hepburn's record of 12 acting nominations in 2002, with 13 career nominations (and then in 2006 with 14 career nominations, in 2008 with 15 career nominations, in 2009 with 16 career nominations, in 2011 with 17 career nominations, in 2013 with. She was the most-nominated performer ever - over a period of 39 years (from her Best Supporting Actress nomination for.