Our cameraman went hunting and found a rare gem

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Description: No one knew much, but the crowd was growing. We were at the rest stop off Highway 29 between Eden and Pelham, where. North Carolina meets Virginia, and everyone was looking for the Ku Klux Klan. The day after the election. Donald Trump, the Loyal White Knights of Pelham, a chapter of the KKK with a suitably unhinged website, had announced that they would be holding a victory parade on 3 December. In the weeks since, there had been no word on the Knights website or anywhere else about when or where the parade would. But the initial declaration was perhaps the most dramatic manifestation of what we might call the New Emboldening a coast-to-coast rise in everyday American racism and bigotry spurred by the rhetoric and election of a billionaire who had taken swipes at certain Mexican-Americans and all.