Prepare yourself for an gang bang and blow show

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Description: Part 1 Getting Ready 1, pick an appropriate location and time. If you want to get out and share your message with as many receptive people as possible, let them come to you not you to them. High-traffic areas good for evangelism might include downtown business districts, street fairs or farmers' markets, and college campuses. Avoid evangelizing around churches of other faiths and other places that might be contentious or difficult. The subway platform at 8 am won't find most people in a chatting mood. It might be a great idea to evangelize outside a punk rock club on a Friday night, if you can pull it off, or it might just lead to arguments. Make sure to follow any solicitation laws in the area and abide instructions from business and property owners who might want you to move. Be courteous and leave. 2, prepare your personal message.