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Description: West New Britain is a province of, papua New Guinea on the islands of, new Britain. The provincial capital. The area of the province is 20,387 km with a population of 264,264 as of the 2011 census. 1, the province's only land border is with. There are seven major tribes, the. Nakanai ( ja Bakovi, Kove, Unea, Maleu, Kaulong and Arowe, speaking about 25 languages. People from West New Britain are referred to as "Kombes" in Papua New Guinea, in metonymic reference to the significant Kove (or Kombe) people. The Kove people were reported on by the anthropologist Ann Chowning. National Geographic magazine during the 1960s. Within Papua New Guinea they are noted for their practice of superincision of the penis circumcision is generally though inaccurately referred to among Papua New Guineans as "the Kombe cut" but was formerly practiced in other northern coastal regions of New Guinea island and the.